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1 definition by Brandon Alanis

used to mean interested in someone who was interested in you at one time but isn't really sure about you anymore.

a lost love.

an attractive woman, who you blew it with.

someone who meant the world to you and you didn't realize it till they walked out of your life.

a female partner who after not being in a relationship with anymore, you want to fall back in love with all over again.

a person who if you wake up and don't see in the morning, you realize your day is dimmer.

a beautiful bird who brightens up your life, and makes you want to be a better person everyday.
man 1: hey man is that your triplc?

man 2: yes it is i really blew it when i let her go.

man 3: your triplec used to be so good with you.
by Brandon Alanis July 26, 2008