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Is a term used in the game of Tug-of-War. It is when a team places the rope around a very heavy girl and has her sit down creating extreme friction with the ground, which in-turn makes it much more difficult for the other team to win.
"Yo Steve did you beat those freshman in tug-of-war?"

"Nah man, they Bridget Beetered us so badly, it was a lost cost."
by Brandon (Thug) October 14, 2009
A generic term for a Whopper from Burger King made with "white stuff". The beef is either marinated in it or it is added as condiment later on.
"Can I take your order?"

"Yes can I have 2 Whopper Penises without jizz?"

"Sir I believe you meant to order 2 NORMAL Whoppers."

"No, I usually just add my own."
by Brandon (Thug) February 18, 2009

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