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1 definition by Braeden Awesome

There are some differences between males and females.

1. Females have smaller brains

2. Females are more annoying

3. Females have a vagina and breasts

4. Females cannot play sports, except tennis and soccer

5. Females are good at sex, unless they are fat

6. Females always think they weigh too much

7. If a female is black, it should die

8. If a female is smart, it are a witch

9. Females must cook your meals if you are in a relationship

10. Females can be used as a male's slave
Male - Female! Get me a beer and cook me dinner!
Female - Yes, masta.
Male - Gimme that food!
Female - Ok.
Male - Now bend over so I can poke your tiny brain with my dick through your mouth!
Female - Yessa!
by Braeden Awesome January 02, 2008
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