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MoreLikeBlue is an ongoing webcomic started in 2004 by a now 22 year old Brady Lowery.

One day, he drew 20 comics on a piece of paper. Later, he discovered Flash and redrew some comics. He soon realised he couldn't think of a good design. He thought to himself the color blue was a personal favorite. He thought his comic should be more like a blue scheme.

Brady has made over a hundred comics, which he will deny that all of them are funny. The comic made its way onto the flash animation format in October of 2006 on the popular flash site www.Newgrounds.com. It was fairly well accepted.

Brady says he plans to make a MLB comic book, with a collection of strips and short stories. One day, when he is ready and comfortable with his writing, Brady might try pitching the animation concept to some network for pure joy of reaching a wider audience.

You can find his comics right now at www.MrGobi.DeviantArt.com , as MoreLikeBlue.com is being redesigned.
MoreLikeBlue: Pilot episode, at newgrounds
by Brady Lowery November 16, 2007

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