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The Jakobs are very distinct to Jacobs. If you meet a Jakob, bow down and stab yourself in the face. Jakob stands out in a crowd, especially a crowd of invisible people :P Jakobs are good friends but get kind of out of hand sometimes. They have usually killed 5-10 people by the age of 13, and they are smart but act stupid. They are very nice and hot and when you meet them all you want is to sit there talking to them forever.
Wow, I wish I could go talk to that Jakob some more.
by Bradley Jacobs September 30, 2011
A peice of shit who eats your toes in your sleep and makes out with your dog when your not looking. He is a dirty freaking pervert and hates anyone who isn't exactly like him. He can be classified as a bitch, although he's a guy (or so he SAYS).
I literally may shoot Dylan any minute now.
by Bradley Jacobs September 30, 2011

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