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When an original song begins to play in a public setting that Lil' Wayne has covered on his mixtape "No Ceilings", one may yell the statement "no ceilings!". This reminds all listeners in the vicinity that when Lil' Wayne took the same beat from the original song and put in his own lyrics, he made it twice as fresh.
Let's say you're at the club and Swag Sufin' by F.L.Y. starts to play. Now as we all know, Lil' Wayne beasted on this beat on the album "No Ceilings", one may now yell the term "no ceilings!" to remind everyone that F.L.Y. has been outdone.

Lynn- "Hey Kenny, is that the song Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough coming on the radio?

Kenny- "Why yes it is Lynn, no ceilings!"
by Brad Mcdouche November 09, 2009

1) A derogatory term used to describe a male subject who has portrayed himself as a "pussy" or a "wuss". The term was orginally created by a man by the name of Kevin Hicks in the early 1990's. Usage of the term has grown widely since then.
Nick- "I'm not sure if I want to work out tonight man, I'm pretty tired from running earlier."

Kevin- "Hey shit head get your buff arms up PUSSKINS!"
by Brad Mcdouche November 10, 2009

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