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Manchester christened name for Extasy Tablets.
Eg 1.

Punter: Safe, You got any 'diddlies'?
Dealer: Yea yea, Blue Stars, Green Shreks or Some White Paul and Sharks. £2 a Pop.
Punter: Bang 5 Sharkies my way.

Eg 2.

Friend 1: You need any 'diddlies' for tonight?
Friend 2: Yea pick me up 3 when you get yours.
Friend 3: Safe!
by Brad Howarth a.k.a Bradford July 27, 2006
The tingling sensation and movement of the jaw upon reacting to extasy. Also refered to as 'Gurning'. It is the chewing of the lips and random motion of the mouth.
Brad: Yo Harry, you got any diddlies?
Harry: Yea man, Try one of these new bad boys.

*Half an Hour Later*

Brad: Harry they are the Shiznik.
Harry: Safe but stop with the 'Jawgasm', you guna get clocked.
by Brad Howarth a.k.a Bradford July 27, 2006

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