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While at the gym, you proceed to do bench press with a difficult weight on the bar, as your attempting to do it you shit everywhere and begin to cry
Last week at the gym, that slippery cactus was overly creative
by Bouy Stantefeld December 04, 2003
A warehouse located in industrial areas that used to sell lamps and other lighting accesories that have now been converted into a warehouse for kitchen appliances such as Kettles.
Bouy's warehouse and wholesaler
by Bouy Stantefeld December 01, 2003
in addition to the male penis you light a candle, quickly put it out and stuff it in the girls "area" along with your "unit". The sensation of flesh,wax, and burning is the ultimate sensation for both partners instantly.
The Don Mega on one of his many mack adventures gone wrong

Chanukah just got a whole lot more Kinky... you sons of bitches
by Bouy Stantefeld December 02, 2003

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