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The strongest possibile expression of disbelief, accompanied by a large serving of contempt for the horseshitter.
George: The Iraqi people deserve democracy!

Me: If democracy is so great George, how come it resulted in your election? You're full of horseshit!
by Boromir January 29, 2005
Boromir is a casuality of Tolkien's primary conceit: that the One ring is conceivable.
Don't fuck with Boromir.
by Boromir January 30, 2005
Perjorative form of 'synergy', as popularized by the website defamer.com
A McDonalds and Fox News merger would be quite the example of corporate shitergy.
by Boromir January 08, 2005
Bringing food to the bathroom; eating while defecating.
Jared loved to nest with a big piece of pizza and a root beer.
by Boromir May 14, 2005

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