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A racist slang term used to accuse a person of having Jewish ancestry or sexual relations with a Jewish person. The phrase was first coined by the KKK as "Jew Goo" in the 1940's. It was a reference to Jewish seamen. Over time it was shortened to "Jigoo."

The word is often used alone or in place of a greeting word such as "hello." Depending on context it either means "You're a Jew in disguise" or "Your mother was raped by a Jew" or "You sleep with a Jew."

In white supremacist circles a woman dating a Jewish man will simply be called a Jigoo to imply she's nothing more than a receptacle for Jewish seamen.
"My sister Janet? We kicked her out of the house. She's a Jigoo."
by Born in the South September 09, 2008

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