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The spoken form of OMFG, meaning, OH MY FUCKING GOD! Commonly used in a state of awe, shock, surprise, ect. Those who use "AWMFUGZ" most likely mock net speak.
Dumb Ass: LOLOLOLOL!1!! Did U C mAi Nu HawthORNe HiEts CD!!/?!!1 ME sOO HaRdxCoRe!11

Some Other Kid: AWMFUGZ. Your a fucking idiot, you illiterate little shit.

by Bootle Windex November 30, 2005
A phrase commonly used online to express extreme atractiveness. Those who use this term either:

A) Mock net-speak and spell "Hot" "H-a-w-t" just because it sounds/looks funny.

B) Really is a dumb ass.

This term also is commonly used for those who use other words such as, "Lawls"
Leik, DEWD!1! dID j00 C dAt chIK with da BODasHUS ta-TAWZ!/1!?? HAWT SEX MaN!! HAwt SEx!!1!!!!!11
by Bootle Windex November 30, 2005

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