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Moon Boot - a boot invented in 1971 by a company in Italy called Tecnica. Often imitated, the original has not changed since it's inception. The trademark "Moon Boot" is owned by the Tecnica company. While there are many copies, only the original has the lightweight, marshmallow feel. The original design and construction were patented but that patent expired in 1996, but yet no one has been able to copy the original.
"damn . . . don't you look swweeeettt in those rockin' moonboot.
by Bootie McBootstein July 06, 2006
Moon Boot is a boot designed by a company called Tecnica in the early 1970's. It became popular in the late 1970's and 1980's and is seeing a resurgence this season.

Moon Boot is a registered trademark of Tecnica - any supposed "Moon Boot" not offered by Tecnica is typically a knock-off. Don't be a poser - buy the real product. Fakes are for fakeees.
Wow . . . where did you get that pair of real and authentic moonboots?
by Bootie McBootstein September 26, 2006

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