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Stands for Los Angeles Police Department. Unlike the Paramedics or the Fire Department the LAPD doesn't serve any realy purpose other than terrorising innocent civilians. The staff of LAPD is very unpleasant to deal with, often drawing weapons for no apparent reason.
A month ago I was pulled over for speeding. True I was going 90 in a 35 but there were no other cars. The faggoty cop drew a gun and waited for equally faggoty back up, who proceeded to cuff me and put me in the back of the squad car. After throughly checking everything that could have allowed them to take me to jail and not finding anything wrong they let me go with a speeding ticket. The ticket=how much I make in 2 weeks. My canceled insurance policy=another 2 weeks. What's the outcome? I get fucked over cause they have nothing better to do than pull people over.

On the other hand 2 weeks ago I was at a performance parts shop where a meeting was arranged. Close to 50 cars showed up. Several hours later cops show up and start walking through the parking lot writing tickets for modifications on various cars. The very next week there's another meeting and again the cops are there to hassle people. The pig parks the car and starts talking to the shop owner about how "this and that... loud... can be mistaken for gang activity... blah..." when somebody runs a light at the intersection where the shop is located and hits 2 cars. The guy decides to run and speeds off. Everyone at the meeting starts yelling telling the cop to go after the guy. It takes him forever to get in and drive away in a leisurely manner. Half an hour later he comes back and tells the big news "I didn't catch him, he got away."

Moral? Somebody wrecks a Corolla and a Camry and runs and gets away with it, but I get a month's worth of pay taken away for driving fast on an empty street. THAT'S how useful the LAPD is.
by Boosted SR20 February 15, 2006

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