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A city in Massachusetts. All the kids go to freeskate on friday nights and then go to friendly's. The town is so diverse, down at the south is were all the spanish and blacks at. Warrendale and Ceaderwood are the where all the white middle class people are. Pigeon Hill is where the white and Armenian's live and all drive around Benz's. Half of the kids are lax bro's, walking around with a snapback backwards and knee high socks with flip flops. All the ghetto girls complain of how fake everyone else is on facebook, threaten to "smack a bitch". At night all the "cool" Waltham high schooler's go drink at Petco. South side kids just walk around and play bball. Warrendale kids go down the park and play strockey on the baseketball courts.Waltham hockey kicks-ass. Waltham is a city with a lot of diversity, boring as hell most of the time.
Person 1: What part of Waltham are you from?
Person 2: Ceaderwood.
Person 2: Shit... I'm from the south side, you must be rich.
by Boopity Boop January 06, 2012

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