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The best sport in the world. Consisting of seven players per team. played like soccer/football in the water using only one hand at a time to handle the ball. Points recorded in scoring of a goal. Played in a 30 meter pool, 4 quarters with a duration of 7 minutes per quarter. Ball is the size of a volleyball and yellow. Also referred to as H20 Polo. First olympic team sport.
NO i don't swim, i play water polo. And yes we have to wear speedos.
by Book'em Dan-0 February 15, 2004
Oh Shit I Forgot
Jimmy did you put a rubber on?
by Book'em Dan-0 February 15, 2004
Broad Ass Marine: A name for Female marines during WWII
yes BAM!
by Book'em Dan-0 February 15, 2004

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