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Master Control Program: a malevolent AI who appropriates other systems to put their programs on the game grid.

Was later used as the basis for Ma3a.

See also digitization laser.
"Stop! Please! You're entering a big error!"
by Bonzer Tucker May 26, 2004
a device used to transport objects from the analog universe (the real world) into a digital realm (world inside the computer)
Both the MCP and Ma3a used digitization lasers to transport humans to the digital world.
by Bonzer Tucker May 26, 2004
From old AOL comics; usually said when one is restating the obvious.

See duh.
Guy One: So the earth is round?
Guy Two: Dehr.
by Bonzer Tucker May 15, 2004
ManitobaFEAR on mIRC.
<ManitobaFEAR> i win
<ManitobaFEAR> fuckers
<ManitobaFEAR> fear me
by Bonzer Tucker May 14, 2004

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