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A person who pretend's to be a friend or colleague but hangs around you only to gather material to talk shit about you for his main friends or colleagues.
John: Ain't that guy you're lunching with from the marketing department?

Nick: Yeah, hes probably gathering 2face material, but anyway it's all good as far as he pay for his own food.
by Bong Holmes October 03, 2012
The human body.
Scientist 1: Regardless how much money is launched into the project, the synthetically body is hard to make.

Scientist 2: Guess we gotta stay in this chimp suit for the next generations....
by Bong Holmes October 03, 2012
Someone who has done something one time before, defines itself as an expert on the topic.
John: Got laid?
Nick: Yeah.
John: Satisfaction granted?
Nick: Hell yeah, going like a pro like always!!
John: Yeha, like a grand master...
Nick: I'm no amateur.
by Bong Holmes September 21, 2012

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