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Fucking Bull Shit

"Yo...you gotta work late?"
"Yeah...FBS my friend...FBS"
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
Usually coupled with "ooorill", this saying really lets the other person know that you could not give a shit less.
"Man...my girlfriend is really giving me shit about going to the Danger Danger Concert"
by Boney Boney March 14, 2003
A very sarcastic responce meaning "Oh....Really?" but said after a stupid or unfactual comment or when you don't really care about what the other person is saying to you. Usually said with eyes 3/4 shut and mouth drooped like a dog. You know that you have used it correctly if the person laughs hysterically or shoots you a death look.
"You know...I shot an 76 last week at Pepple Beach"
by Boney Boney March 14, 2003
Slang term for one that tends to "Praysh Out" often. Often paired with "Yoshua".
What's up, Prayser?
Not much, Yoshua...just Prayshin Out.
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
Slang term used to describe someone who is "Prayshing Out".
What's up, Yoshua?
Not much...Prayser. (See Praysher)
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
Acronym for Fucking Bullshit. Sometimes known as "Fahking Bullshit".
"You know what that is? Seriously...think about it. It's a big, steaming pile of FAHKING BULLSHIT...FBS!"
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
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