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3 definitions by Bollux R. Daft

1. Most often proceed by "The", this is a project planning document which has been 'reduced' to a monolithic to-do list and is erroneously viewed by incompetent, nincompoop managers as a viable means of overseeing a project to completion.
2. An overbearing micromanager's phallic extension.
3. Used in pairs by employees - one to take a dump on and one to wipe with
"Where is The Peelann," he whined for the umpteenth time that day, "I need The Peelann."
by Bollux R. Daft July 04, 2003
1. The act of parroting one's subordinate in an attempt to appear intelligent; acting like you know what the hell is going on by mimicing one smarter than you (which generally is just about everyone)
2. also see "aura"
Like an insect mimicing a twig, the CEO montefarted his employee in a nugatory attempt to impress the customer.
by Bollux R. Daft July 03, 2003
1. The act of proselitizing from the anal foramen; short for oral-anal: often referred to as speaking out of one's butt or talking out your ass.
2. An act of customer communication marked by extreme balderdash pioneered and perfected by the senior director of a La Jolla, CA airline software company.
Unable to communicate in an intelligible and polite manner, Gerry Booth often shoved his point down their throat with bizarre aura.
by Bollux R. Daft July 03, 2003