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Union trash is a union member 1. who thinks they know everything, 2. who thinks they are entitled to everything, 3. who expects a pay raise and more benefits every year but don't necessarily work any harder just because they paid their dues, 4. they are often egomaniacs, lacks common sense, bureaucratic, loud, obnoxious and malcontents, and 5. one or any combination of the above. These people are difficult to get rid of in the workplace.
1. No wonder Toyota, WalMart, and Southwest (non-union companies) are beating their competitions, (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Albertson's, Safeway, American, United) they don't have any union trash in their ranks.

2. Next time your job goes overseas, blame the union trash. They increase the costs of doing business here in the United States.
by Bold Venture April 22, 2007

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