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3 definitions by Bodacious Bob

1. The most overratted movie in the world.

2. The name of a future porn star.
1. Not Napoleon Dynamite again!!

2. I just saw "The Last Blow" starring Napoleon Dynamite
by Bodacious Bob February 10, 2005
52 39
To stab someone with a knife.
I'm gonna shank you like a Mexican, bitch!
by Bodacious Bob February 14, 2005
9 11
A short-term testicular problem among male astronauts after re-entry in the atmosphere. The low level of gravity exposure in space makes the cubic hairs "float," thereforefore after returning to Earth, they tend to remain in the upright position for sometime weeks at a time.
Astronaut 1: Hey Niel, how was it in the sack last night?

Niel Armsrong: Horrible. I had--- spaceballs.
by Bodacious Bob February 18, 2005
22 59