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Tubby, rolly polly DJ, has trouble getting up in the morning. Eats mainly chicken pie and chips, and drinks larger. Smokes. Has a very tender pair of nipples which will bleed up to 22 pints in an hour after jogging from the pie shop to the Pub. Interestingly he was not born in Leeds, as everyone thinks but actually Nempnett Thrubwell near Bristol and was educated by Trappist monks who ran a centre for Lap Dancers who failed their MOT. Ian Hyland of the Sun recently said of chrismoyles
"I think he is talented and quite frankly the sexiest man on the Planet"
joewhiley has been dating Chris Moyles for 4 years now, and friends report chrismoyles was very pleased when on Valentines day this year he managed to get to second base, it was homebase first then Chivenor, a RAF base in Gloucester.
chrismoyles producer aledjones recently painted chrismoyles flat a two tone coffee and wall nut combination, he finished the rooms with flock cushions and organza.
There is a DJ who is on radio one and he is called chrismoyles.

He has a fan site where all the posters hate him it is called chrismoyles, net is the singular of nets which are used to catch fish.

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