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This store is actually really great, i mean what the fuck why would i wanna spend twice as much money for A & F when you caould spend less for clothes that are the same exact quality!! AE A&F, HCo, Areopostale, THEY ARE ALL MADE IN THE SAME FREAKIN DIRTY ASS COUNTRYS ANYWAY!! Check your A & F tag mine says "made in Turkey" wtf, thats some cheap ass shit, and wtf is with you people and saying poser, what are you all middle school losers?? I have them all, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, and the honest truth is my Abercrombie shirts fall appart!! They fall appart at the sleeves, 50$ for the god damned shirt and it falls appart!!! I have had the same Aeropostale shirts for years and they have never ever fallen appart like that!! You people talk about how people shop there who cant afford Abercrombie, but thats soo fucking messed up. I dont mean to brag but i have money, my dad ownes a company and my moms a lawyer, and i shop at Aeropostale. You Guys talk about Abercrombie being "The real deal", you want the real deal, go to Armani Exchange, Gucci, etc.. thats the real deal.
Aeropostale is just as nice as all the others if not better!!!
by Bobby Ruoc June 06, 2005
A substitute for the number three.
1, 2, chippermonkey, 4, 5 ...... and so on!
by Bobby Ruoc June 06, 2005
The best luxury car make anyone can buy. Lexus gives Bmw and Mercedes-Benz a run for their money. Possibly the best value for your money.
1. Id buy a Lexus over a Bmw any day!

2. My Lexus SC 430 Kicks Ass!!
by Bobby Ruoc June 06, 2005
Lexus is a luxury automobile maker. They make high quality cars equal to that of a BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Have many models ranging from 31,000 to 66,000$, meaning you have to have money to drive one.
My Lexus SC430 could beat the shit out of that BMW!!!
by Bobby Ruoc June 15, 2005

Get a clue about Cynthia Stew! Shes a nice girl who cares about her mom and friends, sometimes she wets the bed but we all do now and then! jk ! Cynthia Stew usually has a beer backpack, and is neither punk or prep. She has gotten her braces off and is not afraid to show an ultra white smile. Sometimes her and shake it brother will go out and then hate eachother. She is German, and when you have a German friend, you have a friend for life!
1. Cynthia has my back

2. Cynthia is Gangster Bitch Barbie

3. Cynthia wants to roll with the G-Unit crew

4. Cynthia is a loyal friend to the end!

5. :-*
by Bobby Ruoc June 06, 2005

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