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Masturbating to internet pornography involving only one porn star. Masturbating to any other porn star constitutes cheating.
"Are you strumming over Sasha Grey AGAIN?"

"Yeah, I'm in a porn star relationship with her and I'm not about to cheat."
by Bobby Gigi May 12, 2009
1) An insult towards an overweight person, taken from BBC sitcom The Office where main character David Brent mentions the term amongst insults shouted at him in the street. A play on words towards another BBC sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

2) A backhanded compliment.
"OI! Absolutely Flabulous!"

"What do you think?"
"Absolutely flabulous mate"
by Bobby Gigi April 19, 2008
An alcohol-fuelled night, playing on the name Beverley to mean bevvy/beverage (an alcoholic drink) and the female singer Beverley Knight.
"Im feeling the effects of a right beverley night"
by Bobby Gigi April 19, 2008

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