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When you are fingering a girl so fast that she has an orgasmic attack and dies.
Cam: Excuse me ladies, how would you like to get Cambow?
Ladies: No, thats okay.
by Bobby, Bobby Smo November 11, 2006
When a girl (or guy) is giving you a blowjob and you pull out of their mouth and go all over their eyebrows.
Cam gave his grandpa the old man's eyebrows, just after recieving the cucumber slumber.
by Bobby, Bobby Smo November 05, 2006
when a person (or animal) is eating out your asshole and you excrete feces into their mouth.
Cam and his grandpa both gave cam's grandma a mexican mud pie
by Bobby, Bobby Smo November 05, 2006
an earthquake in chicago
Cammy B was in the middle of masturbating his uncle when came the windy city rumbler, which had no effect on Cammy B on the account that he lives in Colorado, not Chicago. So he just continued stroking away gleefully.
by Bobby, Bobby Smo November 12, 2006
a place filled with books
cam was wacking off his uncle in the back of the library
by Bobby, Bobby Smo November 12, 2006
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