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Ok, first things first. It's time someone wrote a POSITIVE definition of this word, not some mindless HATING, and who better to do so than a juggalo like myself. Listen up: A juggalo is NOT a "greasy, sub-human piece of shit" nor an "uneducated wigger" like some other haters on UD said. A juggalo is, simply put, a FAN of Psychopathic Records, and its artists. We DO NOT "worship" the Insane Clown Posse. We merely listen to the music, and follow the positive message put forth by ICP and their music. ICP may rap about killing, torture, etc. HOWEVER, they only talk about doing this to evil people who DESERVE it. For instance, the song "Your Rebel Flag" covers anti-racism. The message behind ICP's music is about being a good person, and NOT being a bigot, pedophile, racist, or ANY of that. Secondly, a smart juggalo has a broad musical taste. I listen to all forms of music. Also, we are NOT all fat! Some juggalos ARE fat, but we come in all shapes & sizes! I myself have a medium body build. We do NOT only wear Hatchet Gear, nor do we walk around wearing Faygo-stained clothes. We DON'T walk around soaked in Faygo or wear clown paint everywhere. At concerts or other juggalo events, but that's about it. A juggalo is a smart person. Most of us HAVE graduated high school. Myself, I'm a senior in high school for fuck's sake. Actually get to know some decent juggalos, because we exist. I'm 18-years-old, and have been a juggalo from age 12. STOP YOUR HATRED!
THERE IS NONE. All juggalos are DIFFERENT, and cannot be grouped to one image/example.
by BobbaloTheJuggalo August 19, 2012
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