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AWP - Arctic Warfare Precision. Sniping rifle of Conter-Strike fame, legendary for one-shot kills, no matter where you hit them. Can be used as almost any part of speech, though when not referring to the weapon itself it's pronounced 'Awp'
"Guy over there has an AWP. Whatta newb."

"I got awped again. Campers suck."

"Watch out for that awping camper on the bridge"
by Bob the Bard May 22, 2003
1) See also newbie. Someone in a game with little to no clue what they are doing. Easily beaten by the vast majority of other players. "That guy's a newb. Doesn't even know how to strafe."

2) Derogatory term for someone you don't like in a game. Often meant as a shot at their skill: "OMG u n00b!"

3) See also camper, lamer, griefer - Term for a veteran player using very cheap tactics, cheats, or other similar methods to kill other experienced players. "N3wb can't win without his AWP."
"Where did all these newbs come from?"
by Bob the Bard May 22, 2003
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