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a hyperactive douchebag who makes perverted jokes and is basically a useless human being. people will write in the bathroom about this person.
"Dude, my mom is pissed at me for sneaking out."
(kid walks up)
"I was in your mom's poon last night."
"You are the biggest douche-queen I've ever met, b"
by Bob Gorton December 19, 2006
1) a romance where the girl is a bitch who flirts with other guys. making her a ho.

2) a relationship where the guy is whipped by a slut
Jim: "Let's hook up."
Ann: "Hold on, I just have to 'talk' to Freddy."
Jim: "OK, come back soon!"
Bob: "Yo b, you gotta end this homance."
by Bob Gorton December 19, 2006

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