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The Igor is a mysterious creature. The Igor has no sense: common, balance, fashion or otherwise, and as such has rarely been seen on skates, and is often to be found wearing odd combinations of combat gear, t-shirts, and an infamous pair of white socks.

The origin of this species is somewhat unknown, with some claiming far eastern, European, and even continental United States origins. However the Igor has been heavily influenced by the antics his closest friends. It is also known that the Igor has unbounded stamina, being able to maintain activity for many solid hours, as well as being a fast runner, possibly an adaptation to keep up with the true sk8er types.

The Igor is often known to use a variety of pseudonyms. The purpose of this is unknown, it may be to confuse those not in the species close social circle, or it may be for humour purposes. Suffice to say it is not uncommon for an Igor to be mentioned along with 5 or 6 other, generally very unusual, names. It is not known whether “Igor” is the creatures real name, or just another pseudonym.
On 'Pyramid bags' Oh wow now I can have geometric tea!! - Igor
by Bob Clench January 26, 2006

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