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All right. This is it. We know most of Swampscott hates us, and vice versa. So this is gonna be fairly unbiased.

Marblhead, MA, is a fairly wealthy town in some spots (i.e. the neck). Others, it's usually just middle class. Marblehead sucks at lots of sports. The rich, annoying demographic of this town has very little to do with their time except drink and have sex. That's just the kids. The adults/parents are usually just as stuck up and annoying and "privliged" as the rest of them. People from Marblehead are overall bad drivers. But, this is only true within the wealthy and some middle class people. The rest are fairly normal citizens which happen to live in an upper-middle class town. The adults are usually ex-hippies or children of ex-hippies who settled down and moved to the suburbs. Therefore, the town is very liberal and kids will often grow their hair long or long-ish. Marblehead has a lot of drugs. Kids in the high school get stoned a lot. There you go.

Ta Da!
Man, I hate Marblehead.
by Bob B. Bobenstein November 07, 2006
Slang-ish for Marblehead. Used when a white resident of the town is trying to act black or just being an idiot on purpose.
-White Person 1:"Yo, homie, where you at?"

-White Person 2:"I be in da Marblehood, FA SHO!"
by Bob B. Bobenstein November 07, 2006
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