2 definitions by BoB the pickle destroyer

getting so fucked up that you cant get up, or comprehend that you should get up, and talking about nothing over and over while making up words that never existed, like mickeyfried, then throwing up on my beanbag and saying you love everyone around you while laying in the back of kevins truck while hes driving drunk down the road but hes not as fucked up as you, ya...
I found him laying in a ditch talking about the time his taco ate his swimming pool that jumped out the window

sounds like he was mickeyfried
by BoB the pickle destroyer November 18, 2007
basically a word meaning your a little pussy that sits at home crying about shit like your big screen tv remote is lost so now you cant listen to your fudge packing music like panic at the disco or some gay shit like that i dont know realy but they all need to shut the hell up and hurry up and kill themselves cause theres too many people that say they're gonna do it but theres a shit load of emos that are more alive than me and the rest of the world would like
do u see that pussy... thats an emo
by BoB the pickle destroyer November 18, 2007

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