1151 definitions by BoB

does not shoot 550fps it shoots 300fps you fucking moron
paintball is the best sport invented
by Bob March 21, 2004
The amount of time it takes for you to ejaculate.
He blew up in seconds.
by bob July 30, 2003
A common misspelling of the name of the band Green Day.
It's "Green Day," not "Greenday."
by Bob February 26, 2005
spell it out backwards dumbass!
Your a FUCKING sinep
by Bob December 07, 2003
A derogatory way of referring to Jesse Jackson
That porch monkey thinks he's gonna become president.
by Bob December 17, 2003
a word to describe people who actually think about what is right in american politics
i am liberal and proud of it
by bob April 17, 2005
only the best rock band ever
kickstart my heart ..............................
by bob November 07, 2004

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