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A mix of various cereals (and milk), often microwaved. Quite tasty.
Fred: What cha' eating?
Josie: Meal of Joy. It's a mix of Weet-bix, Muesli and I think cornflakes.
Fred: Looks gross...
Josie: The key ingredient is a 60 second microwave treatment.
by Bo Zo Bo Zo January 20, 2010
A breakfast cereal common to the tables of Australia.

A Vita Brit kinda looks like cornflakes put into brick form.

Its main rival is Weet-bix.
Alexandra: Where's the Vita Brits?
Brett: You'll have to have toast, I ate the last of it.
Alexanda: God dammit!
by Bo Zo Bo Zo January 31, 2010
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