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4 definitions by Bluto77

Mild smelling fart, not as offensive as the dreaded yoker but not as sweet smelling as a steaker.
Susan adroitly let out a few oilers during Sunday's church service.
by Bluto77 March 15, 2006
33 20
The sweetest smelling of all farts. Stronger than an oiler but not as offensive as a yoker.
After a hearty lunch of cheeseburgers and milk shakes, Tommy kept busting steaker farts all afternoon.
by Bluto77 January 03, 2008
18 5
The foulest smelling of all farts. Smells like rotten eggs.
Allen emitted a couple of yokers, followed by a disturbing shart.
by Bluto77 March 15, 2006
31 20
When a woman's breasts are so large and droopy, the part of her chest which is underneath her boobs is the undertity.
When Suzy stands on her head naked, you get a great view of her undertity!!
by Bluto77 January 03, 2008
5 2