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The worst and shittiest part of a school career. You think you'e the best, but you're only a pile of shit once you realize what's going on. Oh yeah, it's also the first place you discover something called puberty.
Middle School was a piece of shit for me! I learned nothing and everybody was against each other.
by Blue Kirby July 22, 2008
Either seen as a death threat, list, or something random to scare or "reward" people, a chain letter is something that many idiots believe in. It is an epidemic on Youtube and Myspace. Usually, middle schoolers and people without friends forward these, but these letters are annoying as hell generally. If it's not a death threat, it says that it will tell you that if you forward it, that you'll have yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend on Friday.
Person 1: Hey! I just reposted this chain letter on Myspace saying that she'll finaly be mine on Friday!
Person 2: Shut up! Myspace isn't going to decide that for you. Grow some balls now.
by Blue Kirby July 22, 2008
"Bankis" is a word that means whatever you want it to mean. Literally WHATEVER you want, just make your tone of voice match the message you want to put across.
Person 1: I bet that class is boring for you.
Person 2: Yeah, it's bankis.

Person 1: I bet your day was good today.
Person 2: Yeah it was bankis.

You can use it in any instance.
by Blue Kirby April 09, 2010
A place where obese people lurk all around wobbling for food. However, if you're normal, you'd probably only go here for a special occasion.
Person 1: Yuck! I can't eat this! There are too many obese people around!
Person 2: Yeah, they live on buffets you know?
by Blue Kirby July 24, 2008

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