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The policy or doctrine of projecting your own racism; specifically, of believing that the advancement of any member of a race other than your own is a result of racism on the part of those allowing said advancement. Sometimes referred to by the illogical term "reverse racism". Derived from the frequency of such complaints from pill-addicted right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh.
"People only voted for Obama because he's black!"
"Man, STFU, that's just rushism."
by Blue Fielder January 25, 2009
Fake outrage, usually generated as a way of trying to create a controversy for the purpose of political smearing. Often the main weapon of right-wing bloggers who don't use threats to achieve their goals. Usually involves claims of racism or making huge deals out of small details such as lapel pins.

etymology: faux (French word meaning fake) + outrage (furor or indignation)
"People are talking bad about Sarah Palin! It's obvious sexism! Oh, those horrible hypocritical libs!!"
"Can the fauxtrage. She said something stupid, and people are calling her on it. Seriously, STFU."
by Blue Fielder February 26, 2009
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