20 definitions by Blowfish

1. A pimp and his bitches. Derived from the abuse (pimp slap) prostitutes receive at the hands of their pimps.

2. Cycle of domestic violence that spans many generations.

3. Any wife beater.
Yeah, that kid is in the slapahoe tribe. He learned how to treat women from his daddy.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
Pizza crust left over from someone who does not eat the crust.
Person A: Can I have a slice of pizza?

Person B: No, but you can have my bones.
by Blowfish July 30, 2005
An unattractive, short, overweight female.
The hobgoblins were the only ones not asked to the dance.
by Blowfish July 22, 2005
1. The resulting cloud after a nuclear detonation.

2. To describe a person a person who is really, really mad.
Jeff's gonna lay a mushroom cloud when he finds out your bangin' his mom.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
Derogatory term.

A woman with only one breast due to congenital defect or mastectomy (breast surgically removed).
Jane's uniboob is the cause of her depression.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
Severe form of mental illness. To call it a mood swing is a understatement. It more like PMS on crack. Bipolar highs are characterized by delusions of grandure(thinking you can do more than you are capbable of). Lows are extreme anger or sadness.

Believe me. I live with some with the illness.
I don't care how hot she is -- that bipolar bitch would cut you dick off in the middle of the night for leaving the milk out.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005

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