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A Hayeswall is when a Woman on her Period lays on a wall upside down, she then lets the blood from her Vagina pool up until it eventually flows over the sides of the Vagina and into the Womans Mouth, or even into someone elses mouth.
My Gymnastics Teacher wanted me to practice my handstands up against the wall, but I told him no because I had my period. He Said, "Hey Baby, why not try a Hayeswall?" He ripped off my pants and got me to handstand and we had amazing Hayeswall action.
by Bloodlust Hayeswall August 12, 2012
Urine Hayeswall, a Urine Hayeswall can be performed by both Men and Women, making it a unisex sexually activity.
A Man or Woman will lay upside down on a wall, the Woman will urinate filling her Vagina with Urine until it flows over the Vaginal Lips and into her mouth, or someone elses mouth.
For a Man to perform a Urine Hayeswall he must lay upside down against a wall with his feet in the air. Aiming his Penis up he will Urinate, pooling the Urine in his Gooch until it flows over the side and into his mouth.
The toilets at Home were blocked and I needed to Piss real bad. My Boyfriend Jimmy came up with a great idea!

He said, "Hey Baby, wanna flip upside down so we can Urine Hayeswall?"

He then flipped me over into Hayeswall position and I began to Piss!

What an erotic night!
by Bloodlust Hayeswall October 18, 2012

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