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3 definitions by Blind Moth

A treat that you have purchased previous to getting geeted out. A scrumptious morsel in which satisfies all geet cravings, and leaves your geet friends jealous that they did not purchase that item for their own geet needs.
Hey, we need to go to Casey's before we get geeted out so we have some geet treats to throw down on.
Man, this chocolate pie and Herbal energy drink is the supreme geet treat combination!rice
by Blind Moth September 08, 2008
An addition to a noun, in which the noun of interest is invariably so cool that it must be exclaimed worthy of Geet status.
Man that car is geetastic.
Man, that girl don't even know how geetastic her chesticles are.
by Blind Moth September 08, 2008
Sticky-icky. To smoke until incapacitated, or until you are appropriately high, unto which you are ready for "Geet Treats" (see "geet treats").
Yo man pass me the geet. I am geeted out. Is it geet time?
by Blind Moth September 08, 2008