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An unincorporated area in Montgomery County, MD. The Latin hood of Montgomery County. Home to as many Salvadorean restaurants as a town in El Salvador. No one speaks English and it is proper to urinate on the sidewalk in broad daylight. A small 3 bedroom house will have 12 people living in it. Has trashy ghetto dangerous small nightclubs. Has the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere at the Wheaton Metro station. Home of Wheaton High School, the worst nastiest school in Montgomery County by a huge margin where you'll see more pregnant girls than honor students. If not for Langley Park it'd be the worst third world pit in the DC suburbs.
Tom: hey wanna go to Wheaton later?
Larry: why the hell would I want to do that?
Tom: we gonna go buy some weed at the park and bring back some ghetto bitches who will get down for $10.
Larry: o tru.
by Blasto the Wonder Dog November 20, 2011
One of the most famous neighborhoods in Washington DC. Incredibly expensive gay mecca with tons of shops, bookstores and bars. Home to Lambda Rising, America's first gay business to run a TV ad. Probably the place people most want to live in DC but you have to literally be a millionaire. It's a lot like if they shrunk down San Francisco and put it in DC.
Tom: let's go to Dupont Circle tonight!
Morris: yay!
Tom: I love their cool bookstores and coffee shops.

Morris: I love how there are many homosexual men as I am too a homosexual.
by Blasto the Wonder Dog November 21, 2011
Saying "howdy" like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, a greeting
Flanders: Howdily doodily neighborino!
Homer: Shut up Flanders.
by Blasto the Wonder Dog October 17, 2010
The worst show ever made. John Belushi's talentless brother plays a fat ugly ass slob inexplicably married to a slim blonde model. Literally more laughs in Schindler's List.
Mike: It's 8:00, my favorite show According to Jim is on!
Steve: wtf that show sucks!
Mike: I huff paint fumes and my parents are brother and sister.
by Blasto the Wonder Dog February 04, 2011
A term popularized by Carlos Mencia to refer to a Latin person that most people assume is white. Generally applies to Latinos that are very light skinned and speak impeccable English.
Juan: I heard an interview with Bob Vila today, did you know he was Cuban?
Jose: No way, he is really a closet beaner!
by Blasto the Wonder Dog April 14, 2012

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