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A type of double forearm arm punch. Draw both arms back to the right and thrust forward in a circular motion while pushing forward slamming both arms outwards in parallel.
Albert Weskers Ghost Butterfly rubbish finishing move in the RE series.
by Blanked out December 31, 2010
To plunge the strongest arm forward at high speed and power penetrating through the chest of a person and/or zombie at full thrust in the shape of a Rhino charging. The result being an unrealistic head explosion upon pulling out and a bloody hand. Best used when wearing gloves.

Or inserting a fully erected penis into a womens vagina before foreplay.
One of Albert Weskers 'other' better finisher moves Rhino Charge which he used in the 'lost in nightmares' scenaio in Resident Evil 5 to kill Spencers guards.
by Blanked out December 31, 2010

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