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An event in which three or more buttholes of all shapes and sizes are readily available for the insertion of ones finger in order to taste and review said butthole. Similar to a wine tasting, the taster is to insert his or her finger to the first knuckle, rotate the finger clockwise 180 degrees and remove. The taster now has what is known as a "poop finger". Hints of dinner and notes of the butthole owners overall health and diet should be noted and discussed. Next, place the poop finger inside your mouth and leave it on your tounge one second for every 10 years the butthole has aged. Exhale and enjoy.
Last nights butthole buffet was great! They brought in that elderly Korean man with the heavy curry diet, a newbie butthole from Ireland, a donkey from Central America, and a Thia ladyboy hooker. I used the same finger 3 times in a row and made a butthole suicide. It was by far most diverse buffet to date
by Blank thoughts November 08, 2012

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