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1 definition by Blake Brae

To describe ones friends or enemies in a derogatory manner. To be homosexual.

An extension of the noun, and oft used colloquialism, homosexual which is characterized by same-sex contact, either as a genital act or as a long-term sexuoerotic status. Not conforming to the statistical nor the ideological norm.
With an extraverted pronunciation of the HOMM and trailing instance of the ER.

a) "Don't be a hommer!"
In the instance of a friend or acquaintance about to disembark the evenings session.

b) "You are such a hommer!"
On using unsucessful attempts to persuade said friend or acquaintance to continue the evenings session.

c) "Darryl is such a hommer!"
Used to describe the actions of an individual on previous occasions in the instace of the individual performing a homosexual act.

i.e. leaving smoke club to see your partner.
by Blake Brae March 17, 2005
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