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A Baldwin girl is a girl who attends the Baldwin School in Bryn Mwar, Pennsylvania. She will most likely live on the Main Line and drive her BMW to school each day while making sure to stop for Starbucks in the morning! However, she is gorgeous,intelligent,and athletic and she is able to maintain an A average in every class; even though she is at one of the toughest schools in the country. She most likely has a boyfriend at Haverford who will never want to leave her. She also is fit and skinny, besides the fact that she eats whatever she want because at Baldwin no one takes in account wht they eat. She will also be graduating from Baldwin when she is a Senior and heading off to one of the ivy leage colleges. She is a true role model for women in society today and will become one of the most esteemed women in America.
"I can't belive Rachel has time to go to tennis practice for 2 hours, do all her homework, help the homeless,have a hot boyfriend, and get all A's."

"Well that's because she's a Baldwin girl."
by Blair Vandertrap October 14, 2006

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