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A female who has unsurpassed control over the minds of her male friends. The Mind Terrorist will play annoying pranks and weave a web of lies and deceptions which often result in the male friend becoming embarassed/angry. The Mind Terrorist is also extremly hot, which prevents the male friend from breaking off relations with this annoying girl. The terrorist is capable of playing jokes on her more guillible male friends, such as making him think shes pregant/making him think shes HIV positive/making him think shes moving to Norway. All of these end with the terrorist exposing the males stupidity and embarassing him. This cycle cannot be stopped unless the male exerts extreme self control and breaks off relations with the terrorist, or if the terrorist becomes bored and seeks out a new victom, which is rare.
male friend- "dude, jamie slammed my locker shut, whacked me in the back of the head, stole my homework and made me think she had herpies all before lunch, and i didnt even get mad! wahts wrong with me???"
other friend- " nothings wrong with u dude, shes just a mind terrorist."
by Blade aka DJ pattiecake February 05, 2007

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