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Often associated with a severe case of swalls/mustynut, a condition in which ones scrote will stick to the sides of the thighs. This normally causes the victim to do a quick "lift and shift" or a silly leg twitch, on the sly, while walking.
It was so hot outside yesterday that my swalls developed into an unbeatable case of testickies.
by Blackie Meditz January 21, 2007
A condition pertaining to the overuse of powder on and around the genitalia to prevent aliments such as swalls, mustnut, stucknut and testickies. Best noticed on a dark African.

Also known to affect females---see also ghostfaced.
After his shower Leroy endulged in the Johson & Johnsons and ended up giving himself a case of caspercrotch.
by Blackie Meditz January 24, 2007
pertaining to the look that a girl gets after fellatio with a suitor suffering from caspercrotch.
Lashounda was ghostfaced after going down on LeRoys casper crotch.
by Blackie Meditz January 24, 2007
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