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A really cool and nice place to be in with a variety of mixes in culture, races, good and bad people and neighborhoods.
As you have clearly read in the readings above, some of the things that were siad about Brooklyn by idiots who haven't even been there before, are incorrect or false. I am going to talk about Brooklyn, and it is better coming from a person who has actually lived there.

I have lived in Brooklyn practically for all of my life, and it isnt really really bad, but yet it is not that great either. I love, and respect the borough(...not boro u idiots)I was brought up in & lived in.

Brooklyn has a variety of mixes in culture and races. you can find Pakistanian, Korean, Chinese, Jamaican, African American, Italian, Irish, Russian, Jewish, Hispanic, Domican, Mexican etc...... people in Brooklyn. You can Walk along 86th Street, and see Muslims, Italians, Russians, Jews and more. You can go and eat in an italian restaurant, or you can by a gyro from an egyptian guy on the street. It is the primary borough with fashion, rap, hip hop, food etc...... Brooklyn has some famous rappers (Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Spike Lee) anybody else im 4getting), actors, known to have been in movies and in songs. Dont even get me started about the Colleges, High Schools (Especially specialized like Brooklyn Technical High School & Telecommunications), parks etc...Second next to Manhattan, it is the most populated and diverse and fun borough in NYC.

As said by some of the other people, Brooklyn has bad neighborhoods and it has some good neighborhoods. Like in Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton down by Shore road, Sunset Park, with primarily nice people, where it is rare to hear killingd, drug dealers, shootings and all that stuff etc...... And it has some bad neighborhoods, like Bed-Stuy(Bedford-Stuyvesant), Clifton, Flatbush, Redhook with bad characters in the neighborhood with some drug dealers, gansters( that includes wanna be's), and some murders and shootings which have known to happen in some of those neighborhoods. Brooklyn is not all bad or not all good, it is a mixture of good and bad (depending which areas you go to).

So for all of you people who are writting about Brooklyn and leavinf NEGATIVE COMMENTS about it....... GET OFF UR LAZY ASSES & ACTUALLY GO THERE B 4 U MAKE ANY BAD COMMENTS ABOUT IT. Its different if you live there think itz bad, but dont judge from songs movies.

Straight up, Hands down, Brooklyn in general is a pretty good place to visit & to live in 2.

Brooklyn is the coolest & realiest place 2 be in, any of you who think otherwise, can kiss my ass, you can actually visit there before commenting, but NEVER get it twisted with Brooklyn, because people from Brooklyn like it or not WILL kick ur ass, ro cut you the fuck up if you think otherwise. Its people like like that give BROOKLYN a bad rap, thats y some of them get jumped.

I know, I've seen it happen plenty of times before.
by BlAcK sTaRZ July 22, 2009

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