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A fantastic single from Michael Jackson's album Thriller. Michael Jackson's dancing, in the music video, breks up a knife fight. Score!
Beat It features a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007
An excellent melodic death metal band hailing from Götenburg, Sweden. Along with At the Gates and In Flames, helped define what would become called "The Götenburg Sound," which was then copied by many crappy American bands.
Dark Tranquility's noteworthy albums:
The Gallery
The Mind's I

by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007
The most important instrument in rock music. Along with the drums, forms the rhthym secion of the band, making a backbone for the song. Played with the fingers, instead of with a pick, as with an electric guitar. However, in faster-paced music, in order to keep up with the rest of the band, the bassist may use a pick, but playing with the fingers is much more fun and cooler-looking.
Famous bassists include Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, and John Entwistle.
by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007

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