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Yet another Japanese car manufacturer. Known by ricers as God for creating the Toyota Supra. Had the movie, Fast and Furious not come out, none of these ignorant ricer kids would know shit about the Supra.
Bob: Dale, did you know Toyota is going to be in NASCAR next year?

Dale: ....

Bob: Dale?
by Bitchin Kitchen May 18, 2003
Stands for Special Vehicle Team, from Ford. SVT takes stock Ford vehicles, and tunes them to add more horsepower, and they even add performance inspired styling cues. SVT is responsible for making the Ford Lightning, Cobra, SVT Focus, and even the SVT Contour.
The latest product from Ford SVT, the Mustang Cobra, is capable of 12.0 second quarter mile times, stock. It also has 390 horsepower and an equal ammount of tourqe.
by Bitchin Kitchen June 25, 2003
The highest trim level available on a Mustang. (excluding Saleen, Roush, Steeda, etc.) The latest version of which, is capable of 390 HP... STOCK. The Cobra project began in 1993 with the first SVT (Special Vehicle Team) product being a fox body Mustang (five liter), which came stock with about 260 HP. In 1996, the 4.6 liter engine was debuted. The car made 305 horsepower. The cars stayed about the same, with mild performance gains until 2003, when the 'Terminator' was made available to the public.
The new Cobra has 390 HP, and 390 Ft. Lbs. of tourqe. Three 2003 Cobras make as much tourqe as nine Acura Integra Type R's.
by Bitchin Kitchen June 25, 2003
A spree in which people are killed. See massacre.
I went on a killing spree and killed Ja Rule.
by Bitchin Kitchen June 14, 2003
1. Acronym for Los Angeles Police Department- The famed Police agency which participates in several hundred high speed pursuits, murders, and drug busts every year. Have respect for the LAPD, they have a tough job!
2. Acronym for Love And Peace, Dude- The name of a Bakersfield band that had some members of Korn in it.
1. I got pulled over by an LAPD motor cop last night for doing 129 in a school zone. Oh well, I shouldnt have been going 104 miles per hour over the speed limit anyway.
2. Did you see that LAPD show in 1991 at Jerry's Pizza in downtown Bakersfield? Awesome show!
by Bitchin Kitchen December 17, 2003
Police Terminology: A female beat partner. The woman you spend most of your time with at work on "the beat." Much like an office wife. A beat wife will watch out for you, and will help you out when you need it. Additionally, a beat wife can be expected to share good gossip about other officers with you.

It's common for a beat wife to be jealous when you talk to others of the opposite sex who also work with you, but the term does NOT describe the subject of a physical relationship.

A beat wife relates to you well, often enough to substitue your "off duty" relationship while you're at work.
My beat wife and I went and met up downtown one night when there were no calls holding, and we ended up stopping about 12 different transients, 3 of which had warrants. It was a good night.

I left my gear in the squad car last night, but luckily my beat wife is working today, and we share a car.
by Bitchin Kitchen March 12, 2007
A band who has fans that speak about percentages when their percentage adds up to 102%. Limp Bizkit's second album, entitled Significant Other, was OK, but after that, all of their songs sounded like shit. Likely because the lead singer liked to actually eat shit. Currently, as of this writing, Limpbizkit, as they are now called (fucktards), is seeking a new guitarist. Their one requirement is that the new band member be of Asian decent. Why? Because aZns are mad phat, yo!
Jim: 'Limpbizkit fuckin sucks, hey Bob?'
Bob: 'Fuckin A, Jim!'
by Bitchin Kitchen May 29, 2003
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