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3 definitions by Bisty Bist

A combination of a bitch and beast. Usually a manipulative woman who uses her physical and mental prowess to get her way and get into people's heads.
My boss is a bist. She always has to get her way but everyone still loves her.

Damn, that girl was such a bist, she could get the whole football team to b her sex slaves
by bisty bist June 17, 2006
1)a person who thinks that they are great and the best
2)someone who is really good at something
3)a monster
4)another word for awsome
i AM the beast!!
dude, that chick was a beast when she threw that football!
theres a beast in the woods, dont go in there
dude, you were a beast in soccer today
by Bisty Bist June 19, 2006
The act of becoming overwhelmed in self-masturbation.
The act of having trouble erecting.
Sorry i showed late dude, i was really working hard.

What did you and hannah do last night?
I tried to get on her last night, but i was working too hard.
by bisty bist June 02, 2007